Tasty new dishes that will knock your socks off!

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Tasty new dishes that will knock your socks off!

Our zany new dishes are hittin’ the streets, just in time for summer! These tasty treats are packed with flavor, and will make your taste buds go ZOW! Head on over to your nearest joint to try these out for yourself!

ChickenNW Banner

Close to a pound of crispy battered all white meat boneless chicken wings tossed in your choice of sauces and served with house made potato chips.

“We really enjoyed these wings! We could smell them as the waiter was bringing them to the table- and they were delicious!”

~ Allison L.

Gotchyo Banner

House made potato chips topped with queso blanco sauce, pinto beans and cheddar cheese. Drizzled with chipotle sauce, Pico de Gallo and garnished with jalapeños and cilantro. Make it heartier by adding sliced fajita chicken or shaved ribeye. Yes way, Jose.

“ABSOLUTELY the BEST nachos we have ever had!!!! They are amazing!”

~ Carl S.


Our new Tree Hugger Skillet is full of squash, zucchini, red onion, broccoli, Portobello mushroom, tomatoes, and lots of good naturey stuff sautéed in garlic. A great side to any dish. Wear your flannel!

 “I loved it! My eleven year old loved it! Yes to more vegetarian yumminess!”

~Maria G.

Don’t forget to beat the heat with our non-alcoholic drinks!

These babies are miracles on ice, using real fruit chunks (the healthy stuff),

to give it that refreshing kick.


Strawberry Boogie – Mango lemonade dances with real strawberries for a refreshing kick

Mango Lemonade Tango – Lemonade infused with mango sure to get your body really movin’

Bistro Berry Twist – Dad’s mouthwatering lemonade with lots of real strawberry bits

If you’re lookin’ for a real good time, try your favorite booze mixed in!

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