Make things official and become a bonafide member of the Oregano’s Family! You’ll even get a signing bonus of a free garlic or cheesebread and a tasty pizza cookie on your birthday! Your membership has other cool privileges too! Keep scrolling to learn more!

Earning Points

Once you’ve joined the club, simply let your server or cashier know and they’ll make sure you’re on your on the road to free Oregano’s. Ordering online? No problem! Just make sure and log into your account when ordering and you’ll be all set.

You can always track your status using our fancy mobile app (see below) or by clicking check status and logging in!

Visited one of our joints but forgot to mention you’re a member? Grab your receipt and click here

Check Status

Download the App!

The Oregano’s scientists have been hard at work developing a fancy new mobile app! You can check your rewards balance, order some tasty food, and even order some gift cards. Just click the link below on your mobile phone!